Reapplying for disability retirement


Q. Two years ago, I had applied for disability retirement based on my medical inability to perform the duties of my job. While my application was pending, my agency located another position which fully accommodated my medical condition. I formally withdrew my application as a result of this accommodation. 

My medical condition has progressively worsened over the past two years, and I am now becoming unable to perform the duties of my current position. Is it possible to reapply for disability retirement? If so, does the entire process need to be redone, or can I contact the case worker who was working on my original application with updated medical documentation? Will they look at my prior application if I need to start from scratch, or would I need to resend all of the prior medical documentation that was already sent?

A. There is nothing that prevents you from reapplying for disability retirement. However, you will have to submit a new package, one with up-to-date medical information.


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