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Q. I am 57 years of age and served 25 years as a FERS law enforcement officer. Two years ago, I transferred from that position to another agency (unbroken service) and serve in a non-LEO FERS position. I continue to contribute 1.3 percent to FERS while my agency contributes its required LEO percentage. The agency suggests I should be paying only 0.8 percent. Upon leaving federal service, how will my retirement be calculated in terms of percentages and high-3 years? Will the calculation change as well as any other factors if I contribute at the lower percentage as the agency suggests?

A. When you retire, 20 years of your service will be computed using the higher LEO percentage — 1.7 — and the remainder at the standard percentage — 1.0. Since you are no longer occupying an LEO position, you should only have 0.8 percent deducted from your salary.


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