Credit for military service in FERS retirement


Q. I am a carrier with the USPS and recently paid back 14 years of active-duty military service toward my FERS retirement. I will be eligible for a Guard/reservist retirement at age 60. If I retire at age 62 from FERS and am applying the 14 years I bought back toward my annuity computation at that time, does it mean I have to waive my military retirement I will have been receiving since age 60? If so, to get two retirements I would only be using my Postal Service time for computation. Did I waste my time buying back the 14 years since I can only apply them toward one retirement? If this is true, can I still get the money back?

A. No, you didn’t waste your time. Making a deposit to get credit for your active-duty service didn’t have any affect on your entitlement to reserve retired pay. You’ll be able to get both retirements with no reduction in either of them.


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