Buying back time for military service


Q. I am trying to get information regarding the buyback program. I served in the military for four years and got medically retired. I receive compensation from Veterans Affairs, so I thought that it would be a good idea to buy back my time. Could you tell me if this buyback is beneficial for a FERS employee?

A. The simple answer is that you would have four more years of creditable service and, at retirement, your annuity would be 4 percent higher.


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  1. Moreover, unless the military medical retirement resulted from disability(s) incurred in combat with an enemy of the United States or caused by an instrumentality of war and incurred in the line of duty during a period of war; or granted under the provisions of Chapter 1223, Title 10, of the U.S. Code (Reserve or National Guard retirement)… it cannot be bought back as a service credit. That is how the Army treats it at least.

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