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Q. My divorce decree doesn’t mention retirement. We made no claim for each other’s retirement nor did we waive any rights. It just wasn’t mentioned. Can my ex-spouse claim any of my FERS retirement benefits? If so, would it only be half of what I put in during our marriage?
A. No, your ex-spouse cannot claim any of your retirement benefit. OPM won’t honor any request for benefits that wasn’t included in the divorce decree and filed with them.


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    hello I have a question about fers retirement can a ex spouse request fers benefits two years after our divorce. I divorced in 2004, and he took me back to court in 2006 the court order stated my ex wanted entitled to a percent of my fers retirement account. if I were to die before my ex spouse he would be entitled to my fers benefit, or if my ex spouse dies before me than our child would be entitled to fers benefits. court order not very specific as to survivor benefits, or retirement benefits. my ex was also remarried at this time retaken back to court in 2006. court order was never turned in by him not on fill at opm.

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