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Q: My husband and I are getting ready to retire and are both CSRS employees. My husband was actually hired in 1984, which would have put him in FERS, but he had Peace Corps service, so his SCD is 10/1982. He never made the deposit for Peace Corps service; he is now 64, and we believe he is eligible for Social Security. Can he make the deposit now? I understand that they take forever to process. Does the payment need to be received by the Office of Personnel Management before his separation date? If it is not received and he loses the credit for the 22 months of Peace Corps service, will they convert him to FERS, or will he simply lose 22 months from his total time of federal service?

A: He can only make a deposit before he separates for retirement. If he doesn’t make the deposit, he’ll still get credit for that time in determining his length of service; however, it won’t be used in the computation of his annuity.


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