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Q. I am a 23-year retired military veteran (1968-1991), 30 percent disabled, and I have been receiving military retainer pay since 1991. I then began working for the Veterans Administration as an engineer GS-09 in June 1998, and I am still employed (FERS). But I can retire soon with 16 years civil service gaining a monthly retirement pension from VA and too what I have deposited into TSP. When I retire at 66, which would be next year, what will my Social Security benefit be? I have been told it will be reduced because I have two ‘pensions’ (one from military and the other from VA under FERS), yet I paid into Social Security (FICA during military) and Social Security taxes also under VA. During all my employment time (military and civil service), I have also paid taxes into Social Security, so why would I not get full benefits?
A. Whoever told you that was wrong. You will receive your full earned Social Security benefit.


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