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Q. I was hired at the Defense Department in October 2012, and thus I contributed .8 percent of my pay to FERS. I transferred to VA in April 2014 with no break in service and now have 3.1 percent of my pay deducted, and I am told that it is increasing to 4.4 percent of my pay, as this rate applies to new hires after January 2014. Is it correct that I should be treated as a new hire, despite in all other areas being treated as a transfer (leave carried forward, no ability to change benefits until open season)? I checked and my SF-50 reflects the correct service computation date from 2012. My HR representative has informed me that I will be in the 4.4 percent group when I questioned why I was already paying the 3.1 percent.
A. Your HR representative is mistaken. Your deduction rate should be .8 percent. Only those who were first hired, or rehired after a break in service, which you didn’t have, would pay 3.1 percent. And the 4.4 rate applies solely to someone first hired in 2014, which doesn’t apply in your case.


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