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Q. I am 56 and trying to decide whether to retire. I have 30 years of service. I am under the FERS retirement system. I was told if I retire my FERS retirement annuity will not receive COLAs or increase until I am 62. Is this true? I know the FERS supplement does not receive COLAs. I was expecting to receive COLAs, otherwise I will continue to work until 62. FERS retirement is not looking so good afterall.

A. Yes, it’s true. You won’t receive any COLAs on your annuity until you reach 62. That’s the law.


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  1. Read the FERS and CSRS Handbook for Personnel and Payroll Offices online for all your questions. It only takes a few minutes.

  2. To correct Mr. Reg Jones. It is not the law. It is a rule adjudicated by the Office of Personnel Management in Washington D.C.

      • Brian Garcibo on

        5 U.S. Code 8462 (c)(3)(A) is a Statute of the law. The last sentence of your answer to the above question should read ” It is a Statue of the law. The word Code comes from a Greek term meaning Statue.

  3. Brian Garcibo on

    It is easier to read the FERS and CSRS Handbook for Personnel and Payroll Offices than it is to read U.S. Code.

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