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Q. I am currently a USPS Letter Carrier covered by Samba under FEHB. I plan to retire in November of 2016. May I switch to another provider (I.e. Blue Cross Blue Shield) during open enrollment or do I have to be covered under the same provider (in my case Samba) for 5 years to continue coverage after retirement?A. You only have to be enrolled in the FEHB program for the 5 consecutive years before you retire, not in one plan. In fact, you could change plans every year for the 5 years before you retire and carry that FEHB coverage into retirement.



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Reg Jones was head of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management. Email your retirement-related questions to fedexperts@federaltimes.com.


  1. Patricia Terry on

    My husband just retired under fears. We are both federal employees. I am under fers as wellwith 31 years born 1964 plan to retire at age 56 like my spouse in 4 years and 11 months.
    I dropped my PPO insurance years ago when we married and he covers me under his PPO blue cross blue shield. Before I retire am I required to spent the last five years with my own health insurance. After he passes I will no longer be covered under his PPO

  2. Jean W. Saint Elin on

    I was a federal retired disabled annuitant since 8/14/13 to 5/31/15, when I was hired by the Dept of State after receiving a kidney transplant six months ago. The HR Dept at State are telling me that the 20 months of disability retirement, constitutes as a break in service and has recalculated my previous SCD of 7/17/00 to 5/4/02. I was told by OPM that by disability does not count as a break in service. I don’t know what to believe; is the Dept of State HR accurate? If not can you direct me to the Fed Regs to dispute this? I thank you for your help…….

  3. I am a Federal retiree (CSRS), I have Regular Medicare and kept my BC&BS as a supplement to Medicare. My husband is retired from Alcatel Lucent and has a Medicare Advantage plan (United Healthcare Medicare Advantage (UHC). Can I add him to my Federal BC&BS? He will then go to regular Medicare after he is added to my BC&BS with as a supplement insurance to Medicare. Can we do this? We need to have most of our medical bills covered at or close to 100%. Also, can I do this at any time or must wait till open season? Thanks.

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