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Q. I am FERS retiree with BCBS family insurance. I am 68 years old. At 65 I took only Part A Medicare. My wife will be 65 this year. Should she take Part A Medicare as well because she is covered on my BCBS policy anyway?

A. Your question is unanswerable. There is no way to know if your decision not to enroll in Part B will turn out to be a good move; the same would be equally true of her decision. All the two of you can do to make the best decision in her case is to compare what your FEHB plan provides with the benefits covered in Part B. Added into that decision-making process would be an evaluation of her current health and any anticipated long-term health needs, some of which might be deduced from family wellness histories.


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  1. I am retired from the Va with 35 yr 8 mths. I turned 65 in Nov 2015. I took Part A for Medicare and
    still keep my MVP health insurance. MVP says they are the primary. I don’t need anything else right?

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