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Q. I have been a GS employee for eight years, plus I bought back four years on military. If I take a wage grade position for around four years, how would this affect my retirement?

A. Your annuity would be based on your three highest consecutive years of basic civilian pay, once you meet the age and service requirements to retire. The rules are the same for GS and wage grade employees.


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  1. Understand, can I have my current disability retirement pay changed to my regular retirement pay now? I am 60 now (before 62) with more than 30 years of civilian service on a Fers disability for more than 3 years. Will I get the supplement before and until I am 62 if my regular retired pay is paid instead of disability pay at age 60?

    • Because you are now age 60, you can ask OPM to move you from the disability roll to regular retirement. When that happens, you will be entitled to receive the special retirement supplement.

      • Thank you, can I request an estimated annuity amount for my regular retirement and the supplement amount estimate before making the change? My employing Office (army command) changed after I retired; how do I know what OPM office to contact now?

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