Postponing retirement


Q. What is the deadline/latest into the already submitted process that a person can ask for his or her retirement date to be pushed back?

A. There is no deadline or latest date to change your mind. However, if your position is being abolished or someone has been selected to fill your position, your agency could legitimately reject your request for a delay.


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  1. I did four years of active duty (title 10) in our great Air Force! With no break of service from active duty to active guard and reserve (title 32) I completed 16 additional years of service. My combined service was over 20 years. Unfortunately, I was honorably separated from the AGR Program but stayed on as a traditional guardsmen. The reason for staying on and not collecting an AGR retirement was due to my service commitment for transferring my post 911 GI to my dependants. I am looking to submit my retirement paper work once my service commitment is over in next year. Have you ever heard of someone delaying their retirement like this?

    • Unfortunately, your question falls outside the boundaries of this forum. We are only able to answer questions about federal civilian employment.

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