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Q. I am 66 and retired under the old CSRS retirement. I enrolled in Medicare A & B at 65. My wife is covered by only by my CSRS health insurance, which I have kept. For the average person in average health, do you think it is cost effective to enroll in Medicare Part B if I have also kept my government retirement health? If I understand correctly from previous posts, if I keep Medicare A I don’t have to pay anything, just for Medicare B?

A. Answering your second question first, no you don’t have to pay anything for Medicare Part A. You bought that coverage through payroll deductions while working. As for your second question, only you can decide if Medicare Part B is worth the additional cost. If you are in good health now and expect to remain in good heath throughout your life, then Part B wouldn’t be a good investment. On the other hand, if you want to take out some insurance against unexpected health issues later in life, enrolling in Part B might make good sense.


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  1. Reginald Holmes on

    I have FEHB in Dec 2016 I turn 65 my wife will not turn 65 until 2 months later. I currently have self plus one, how can I have my wife covered until she tur s 65 and goes on Medicare

  2. Andrea Loftis on

    If someone retired under the old CSRS retirement and have the government health insurance- are they automatically covered under Medicare Part A ?

    How much is the additional cost to enrolled in Medicare Part A and B?

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