What is the MRA + 10 provision?


Q. What is the MRA + 10 provision?

A. MRA + 10 is shorthand for minimum retirement age with at least 10 years of service. It’s a provision in the FERS law that allows an employee with limited service to retire on an immediate annuity. The downside is that anyone retiring under the MRA + 10 provision will have his annuity reduced by 5 percent for every year (5/12 percent per month) he is under age 62. That age penalty can be reduced or eliminated by postponing the receipt of the annuity to a later date. Note: MRA’s range from 55 to 57, depending on the year in which you were born.


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    • Yes. However, that doesn’t fall under the MRA+10 provision. The retirement combinations are:
      62 with 5
      60 with 20
      MRA with 30
      MRA with 10, but with a penalty

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