Spousal earnings and SRS


Q. It’s not clear from OPM documentation if spousal earnings count against one’s calculation of the special retirement supplement. If my wife continues to work after I retire at age 58, would her earnings be counted against and reduce my SRS amount?

A. Spousal earnings will have no effect on either your annuity or the special retirement supplement.


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  1. Still not tracking the health coverage while taking part in SRS. If I am receiving SRS supplements, in my case between 60 – 62, am I still entitled to normal FERS health care benefits during that period, or do I need a supplemental plan to cover me.

    • If you are eligible to carry your FEHB coverage into retirement, it will continue with no change in cost or coverage whether or not you are receiving the SRS. Note: If you are a Postal Service retiree, your premiums will be higher that they were when you were an employee. That’s because you’ll lose the subsidy negotiated for employees by the Postal Service unions.

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