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Q. Individuals covered under CSRS pay CSRS employee deductions, and are excluded from Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance taxes of Social Security. They may contribute up to the Internal Revenue Service elective deferral limit each year to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), but CSRS employees who contribute do not receive any government contribution. There are so many references in Office of Personnel Management materials, congressional papers and Treasury manuals that prohibited those working under this system from paying into Social Security, how can Congress and Social Security turn around and penalize survivors whose spouses paid into Social Security? Why…

Q. I am a retired Civil Service Retirement System employee with 43 years. I never received any Social Security. My husband of 37 years worked and retired. Now he is receiving Social Security. My pension is more that his. Can I apply for his Social Security benefits now that I am 67? A. You can apply for it; however, that spousal Social Security benefit will be impacted by the Government Pension Offset provision of law. The GPO reduces – and sometimes eliminates – the spousal benefit of anyone who is receiving an annuity from a retirement system where he or…

Q. I’m receiving my husband’s Cvil Service monthly annuity, which he elected me to receive. He only had 25 quarters of private-sector work. During his federal service, he did not pay into Social Security. Will I be able to collect his federal annuity and my full Social Security because it was my own work, or will my Social Security be reduced?

Q. My wife has been properly named as my survivor benefit recipient, and she has been a legal resident (“green card” holder) for 13 years but has not yet passed her naturalization test. Can she still receive the benefits after my death even though she has not passed her citizen exam?

Q. My husband is deceased and left me with a survivor annuity. He was a Civil Service Retirement System employee with 42-plus years. I retired at 52 with my own FERS service. When I turned 62 they discontinued my FERS Annuity Supplement. I am planning on starting my Social Security soon. Will I continue to receive his CSRS survivor annuity and my own FERS annuity along with my Social Security? I was told by a friend that I could not have all three. Is this true?

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