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Q. I’m a CSRS retiree and with Kaiser Permanente. I signed up with Medicare and received my card from Social Security saying I’m covered under parts A and B. I just sent in my first check for $345 for September, October and November. Do I still pay Kaiser the $120 a month for health care, or will that monthly withdrawal stop automatically from my retirement check? If not, who do I call to stop this payment?

A. The monthly premiums for Kaiser Permanente will continue to be deducted from your annuity as long as you are enrolled in that plan. If you want to cancel your enrollment, you can do that under Qualified Life Event 2L. To do that, call OPM’s Retirement Services office at 1-888-767-6738.


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  1. Are you sure you want to eliminate supporting coverage at a time when you might need it the most? It may leave you to large out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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