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Q. I am a retired U.S. Postal Service employee. I work another job full time but maintain my federal Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage. I am now married, effective with the same-sex marriage law. My spouse, who is 70, also works full time and has BCBS through his employment. When he retires, can I add him to my insurance as he does not have any health insurance benefit other than Medicare? What would be the cost? Would/could we both have Medicare and BCBS?

A. Under Event 2G of the Table of Permissible Changes, you could switch your coverage from Self Only to Self Plus One from 31 days before through 60 days after his loss of coverage. You’d have to check with your FEHB carrier to find out what the difference in cost would be. Finally, you may have both FEHB and Medicare coverage. Medicare Part A works well with FEHB coverage. Whether either of you would need to enroll in Part B, for which you’d have to pay the premiums, only you can determine based on your current and anticipated health needs.


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