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Q. Will a CSRS Offset employee’s annuity be reduced at age 62 for any reason? If so, what could affect the payment?

A. At age 62, the annuities of CSRS Offset retirees are automatically reduced by the amount of Social Security benefit they earned while covered by CSRS Offset. However, they will receive that offset amount in their Social Security benefit, plus any additional amount to which they are entitled based on other Social Security-covered employment.


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  1. I’m trying to retire at the end of December 2017 with 23 years of federal time as a CSRS offset . I am getting a couple of different annuity estimates as well as 3 different estimates from social security.I will be 64 years and 6 months at the end of 2017. Trying to get clarity on my retirement income from both federal and social security so I know more or less what my income will be from those two sources. Appreciate any help . Thank you Henry Chavez. I can be reached at cell # 760-285-6000 as I currently have no direct email address. I have also 448 hours of annual leave on the books which I plan on getting paid out on. I am cars offset

    • For CSRS Offset employees, the basic rule is that they’ll get the same amount of money as any pure CSRS employee; however, it will come from two different places: OPM and the Social Security Administration. They’ll also be entitled to any additional Social Security benefit they earned while not covered by CSRS Offset. Since you’ve been given a variety of estimates, there’s no way to predict what that additional amount will be.

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    I am a CSRS retiree from the USPS. My deceased husband was active duty military when he died in 1984. Am I eligible for Social Security survivor benefits from him without having my CSRS retirement check reduced?

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