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Q. I retired not too long ago, then got a pamphlet called “Your Federal Retirement Benefits” from the Office of Personnel Management and noticed that my benefits, in part, are also based on the amount of military service I performed. They say my retirement shows: Total Fed Svc as 22 yrs, 0 month, which is correct; sick leave included is 975; military svc included in total is 00 yrs, 00 … which is incorrect. I did 23 years. Should this be corrected?

A. If you didn’t make a deposit to get credit for your active duty service and waive your military retired pay, you wouldn’t get any credit for that time in your annuity computation. Therefore, only zeros would be posted on that form. However, if you did, you should get credit for that time and would need to contact OPM and let them know.


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  1. If I am terminated from my position for performance will I be elugible for a Discontinued Service Retirement? I am age 53(54 next month) with 28 years of sevice including military payback for those years served.
    Will I also be eligible for an MRA Retirement or Supplement once I reach MRA?

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