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Q. I have been trying to get a straight answer for years on a matter. I spent 11 months as a U.S. Probation Officer, which comes under federal law enforcement officer retirement, and then moved to the FBI as a Special Agent. I was told early in my career that the first position as U.S. Probation Officer did not count toward LEO retirement because I had a two month break in service. Later I was told it did count. Does it count?

A. Yes, it does count. For proof, go to and read Section 46A3.2G, which also applies to FERS employees.


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  1. Thank you, Mr. Jones for all of your support. I had 37 years gov service and I am surprised by the amount of people who do NOT understand there is a BOOK for every occasion where the rules can be read. I can’t tolerate those work floor lawyers who think they know & spread the WRONG info. Trust me, I sure don’t know the rules and if I would read, I cannot remember. I just have that bad memory thing going on since birth! Lol I really appreciate your consistency and site.
    Thanks again, Karen M.

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