Medicare Advantage and FEHB


Q. Are my insurance premiums reduced when I am eligible for Medicare Advantage plans?

A. No. they aren’t reduced. However, according to OPM, “When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you may not need FEHB coverage because the Medicare Advantage plan will provide you with many of the same benefits. You should review the Medicare Advantage Plan benefits carefully before making a decision to suspend or cancel FEHB coverage.”


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  1. I will be eligible for medicare Oct 1. I have BCBS Federal healthcare through my FERS retirement. I also use VA. However, the VA does NOT take care of us properly. I cannot drop BCBS so how will medicare affect me? I really don’t understand. Help & thanks.

  2. Richard D. Ruffner on

    I am a Federal CSRS Offset employee and plan to retire in June. Does the Medicare Advantage plans cover spouses?

    • If you are asking if it operates the same as Self Plus One for the FEHB program, the answer is no. If you are asking if your spouse is eligible to enroll on her own, you’ll have to give them a call at 1-877-288-1646.

    • Patricia Bonsera on

      Yes it does. If you choose an FEHB plan like UnitedHealthcare . They have an FEHB Medicare Advantage Plan that is a PPO. You and your spouse first needs to get On the FEHB commercial plan then they will branch you or your wife or both of you to their Medicare Advantage side of the FEHB United Healthcare plan. There is no need to Suspend your FEHB benefits.

  3. I currently pay for Medicare B and FEHB. I am 65 and healthy. I had no health issues nor concerns last year (including no prescriptions) during my first year of being in both Medicare and FEHB. I am considering suspending my FEHB and enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan this year in order to save on the costs. But I’m not sure about how difficult it may be to return to FEHB during another open season later in life.
    Is this a good idea? I can easily afford both Medicare and the FEHB premium, but it may not be the best financial decision for me. What is your opinion? Thank-you very much.

    • While I can’t offer an opinion. I can tell you that you can suspend your FEHB coverage in favor of Medicare Advantage and return to the FEHB program during any Open Season.

  4. Patricia Bonsera on

    Regarding Medicare A and B , I would like to know why everyone talks about suspension of FEHB benefits when there is a FEHB Medicare Advantage plan offered by FEHB UHC plans. Why keep telling federal retirees they have to Suspend benefits in order to get On a Medicare Advantage Plan? Stop telling them that. You are confusing them and making things harder for them than needs be.

  5. Would I be better off with FEHB and a Medicare advantage plan that pays the Medicare part B premiums versus FEHB and traditional Medicare A and B ?

    Would I have the same coverage with FEHB and Medicare advantage with no co-pays, no deductibles and no coinsurance?

    2022 Medicare part B premiums are going to $170 a month or almost $2000 a year for Part B premiums. And, with my wife as a couple that is $4000 a year !

    Thank you

    • Unfortunately, I can’t help you. For one thing, I don’t know enough about the details of each plan. For another, only you can know which features are essential to you and which are irrelevant. And don’t be too sure that what you consider to be irrelevant now will still be irrelevant in the future. For example, saving money by not enrolling in Medicare Part B can save you a bundle in the short run but cost you a fortune in the long run.

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