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Q. I would like to retire at 59 from the federal government. I’m already retired from the military with 24 years. I will have 15 years fed service. Does my military service count? If not, how do get my military service to count for retirement?

A. You would have to make a deposit to get credit for your active duty service and – when you retire from your civilian job – waive your military retired pay.


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  1. I’m retiring under FERS and I still owe about $2000 on my military buy back as it’s reflected on my LES. Will DFAS just take this amount due from my last final pay check? Or use all the accrued leave I’m being reimbursed for? I hope so. Or, do I have to pay the balance myself? Since it’s reflected as amount due on my LEs, as in most government cases if there is an amount due they usually just take the money. Is this true? I hope it is. I want to have it paid this way.

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