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Reg Jones was head of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management. Email your retirement-related questions to fedexperts@federaltimes.com.


  1. I will be retiring May 31 with 35.6 years service time. The post office has started to add the special supplement to our retirement statements available online, when using the calculations #years /40 X ss@62 its not anywhere close to what the post office estimates it on my statement can you explain what i am doing wrong?

  2. In January, I will turn 60 years of age, and I will have 21 years and 9 months actual time as a FERS EMPLOYEE . I am also a military early retiree, and I have 9 months accumulated sick leave. 1. will my sick leave be factored in the retirement calculations to determine number years? 2. My military retirement is under the $14,000 annually. So, if my est. ss benefit is $1,595 monthly X 21 (sick lv) / 40 = 837.37 SRS PAYMENT. What say you.

    • 1. Your unused sick leave will be added to your actual service and used in the computation of your annuity.
      2. Your Special retirement supplement will be based solely your actual service. Unused sick leave won’t be included in that computation.

  3. the postal service only uses the ssi you paid only with the postal service ,not if you worked before you where in the FERS system I have the same problem .$300 less of pay

    • As required by law, the special retirement supplements paid to FERS retirees are based solely on the Social Security deductions taken from their pay while working for the U.S. government. If an employee worked for several agencies – including the U.S. Postal Service – all those years of contributions to Social Security would be included when determining the amount of the special retirement supplement.

  4. Gregory Bitterman on

    They do use what you paid but in the formula but only on your base wage. Overtime, bonuses and premium pay is not used in the calculation.

  5. Fers supplement calculation….
    Is it years of actual service or is it
    Years of actual service plus the paid out sick leave months?

    • It’s years of actual FERS service. It doesn’t include unused sick leave or active duty service for which a deposit has been made.

    • The FERS Supplement is calculated using the following formula:

      Social Security Benefit X Total Years of FERS Service ÷ 40

      “Total years of FERS service” means the number of years you were covered by FERS rounded to the nearest whole number.

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