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Q. I’ve read that your years of service are rounded to the next whole number. So does this mean if I have 32 years, 6 months and 1 day, they would use 33 in the calculation?

A. No, they wouldn’t. Your annuity would based on your years and full months of service. Any left over days would be added to any unused hours of sick leave. If there are enough of them, you’d get credit for an additional month (or months) in your annuity computation. Hours that don’t add up to a month are dropped. Note: If you are a FERS employee who is eligible for the special retirement supplement, the amount will be determined by a formula used by the Social Security Administration that is based solely on full years of Social Security-covered service while a FERS employee.


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  1. FERS Calculation for 32 Years, 6 months and 1 day of Federal Civil Service:

    32.5 X Your High-3 Salary X .01 (or .011 if over 62)

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