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Q. I receive 100 percent Department of Veterans Affairs disability, and also receive military retirement pay after 20 years service. I’m currently a Department of Defense employee under FERS, and will retire with 15 years service at 62. Will my Social Security pay be impacted in any way?

A. Your Social Security benefit won’t be impacted by your VA disability or military retired pay. However, because you’ll be claiming your Social Security benefit at age 62, it will be less than if you’d waited until your full Social Security retirement age.


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  1. Tom Hendershot on

    FERS annuity will NOT be reduced at age 62. What you meant to say is the SS annuity will be reduced at age 62 before his/her full retirement age.

  2. I m 60 years old and have a regular FERS retirement and receive the social security supplement. I recently have been declared disabled by social security and started receiving payments. At age 62 the supplement ends, but do I qualify for any other social security benefits?

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