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Q. Does the FEHB offer an age extension for the coverage of disabled children? Do the rates increase when the child reaches age 22 and older? A. An unmarried dependent child may continue to receive coverage under your FEHB plan as along as the child’s incapacity began before age 22. For more information, go to and click on Child Incapable of Self Support.

Q. I was once a Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service (series 1811). I left in January 2007, so I have been away for more than three years. As I am seeking to return to the Secret Service, I have five questions: 1. I understand FERS employees who leave and take a refund of their retirement contributions (which I did) are prohibited by law from buying back that annuity when they return to work for the government. Is there a provision for contributing more than the standard percentage to “make up” the difference? 2. If not, I presume my…

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