Q: I have a friend who retired from the Civil Service Retirement System in 2002 and was divorced at the time. His ex-wife will not receive a survivor annuity per his divorce decree. He is going to get remarried this summer and will elect full survivor annuity for his new wife. He knows his monthly annuity will be reduced but he is curious to know if the reduction would be the same as if he had been married all these years, or will there be an additional amount deducted to make up for the years since he retired?  I hope…

Q. I am a federal employee with both CSRS and FERS pension plans. If I die before I retire, will my husband collect my pension? Will my husband will be covered under a federal health care plan? A: Yes, he will receive a survivor annuity based on your service. He will be covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits program if he was covered by it on the date you die. If he wasn’t covered under the FEHB, he won’t be able to enroll in it as a survivor.

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