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Medicare for future retiree with health problems


Q. I plan on retiring at the end of 2014. I have been with the service 33½ years under CSRS. I have a couple of incurable medical issues, so I go to the doctor and hospital regularly. I have always paid into FEHP and have had BC/BS for more than five years. My question is regarding medical insurance. Do I have to obtain Medicare parts B, C and D? I will be continuing to pay into my FEHP when I retire but want to know if I should get any of those other plans because I do not want to…

FEHB and Medicare Advantage


Q. My spouse is covered under my FEHB family plan. We are both covered by Medicare Part A. When I retire, I do not plan to add Medicare Part B to my Medicare Part A. Can husband elect to take Medicare Part C and still be eligible to remain on my FEHB family plan? Also, if I changed to a FEHB self-only plan after he enrolls in Medicare Part C, could I include him later in an FEHB family plan or would he lose his eligibility forever? A. Your husband would continue to be covered by the self and family…