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Medicare Part B


Q. I am a recent retiree and have to decide whether to obtain Medicare Part B coverage. I have, and intend to keep, my Blue Cross coverage. I am trying to determine whether I should opt for Medicare Part B for my wife and I, even though I have Blue Cross. The Medicare Part B monthly payments would range about $150 for each of us.

Retirement and health benefits premiums


Q. I plan to retire at age 60 in 2014 with 20 years’ FERS and four years’ buyback (for which I have made the deposit). My federal service is a combination of IHS and VA (if that’s relevant). It has been my experience speaking with retirees that the deductions from annuity for FEHB after retirement (in many cases) is drastically different from the payroll deduction before retirement — so drastic that it cannot be attributed to the monthly conversion factor. One retiree told me he was eventually told that, before retirement, total premium payments were made by three sources: employee…