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Q. What form would I use to get a refund or a CSRS overpayment. I am retiring as a LEO with 36 1/2 years service, 20 of which are under a covered position. And who do I send it to?

A. Because you will have reached the 80 percent limit on your earned CSRS annuity, when your application for retirement is processed, OPM will send you a statement showing the amount of your excess contributions, and they will offer you a choice. You can either accept the excess contributions or use them to buy additional annuity, which is not subject to the 80 percent limit.


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  1. I am a CSRS offset participant. I have continued to work, but filed for social security. Each year I pay them back. What is the impact of that. I also want to know what happens to my lost CSRS benefit since it was passed on to Social Security when I turned 62. All very confusing.

    • Since you were a CSRS Offset employee and still working when you became eligible for a Social Security benefit, you could have saved yourself a lot of inconvenience by not applying for a Social Security benefit at age 62. When you finally retire, your CSRS annuity will be reduced by the amount of Social Security benefit you earned while covered by CSRS Offset and your Social Security benefit will reflect all your years of Social Security covered employment.

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