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Q: I am 56 with 28 years of service. I owe a deposit for two years of that service when I was under FICA (1979-80) and CSRS (1981-83). When I left, I withdrew my CSRS retirement funds. Will I have to make that deposit to get credit for that two years of service if I retire under a FERS Involuntary Discontinued Service Retirement? I am considering this option because I am newly disabled and can’t work a full day, but I’m not sure if I would qualify for FERS/SS Disability.

A: As a FERS employee, the only way you can get credit for any of that time is by making a deposit for your part-time temporary service and/or a redeposit for that period of service where you took a refund of your retirement contributions.


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  1. Tim Fed Fire on

    I am a DOD Firefighter with 20 years of covered service at the age of 44. I have an additional 4 years of active duty military service as a firefighter in the US Army. If I separate from service prior reaching 25 years of covered service and prior to age 50 without buying my military time back for retirement, can I do so after separation? Also, can you please cite the specific Law or OPM guideline that allows for the credit of military time to be considered and calculated as the standard (non-special category) time? Thank you.

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