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Q. I am currently 43 years of age and I am a DoD firefighter with 20 years and 2 months of service under the FERS special retirement. I plan to move to another FERS position that is not covered under the FERS special retirement. I want to work in this position until I reach age 50. Since I have 20 years of service in the special retirement, could I still retire under special retirement once I reach age 50 even though I won’t be in a FERS special retirement position when I turn 50?

Q. I am a Fuels Planner (GS09) and have worked in fire in various capacities over the past 16 years.  If I take a job outside of fire, will I forfeit my firefighter retirement entirely?  Is any of the time I have put in counted in my final retirement?  Is there a period of time that I can get back into a firefighter position to finish out my four years in order to get the additional retirement?  If so, how long do I have to do so?

Q. I was hired as GS-9/11 1811 criminal investigator (primary position) and, after two years and 23 days, I was promoted into a supervisory position for nine years that was classified as a secondary position. Because I did not complete three years in a primary position first, I was told that I did not meet the requirements for special coverage. But I changed agencies and spent my last eight years in a “primary position,” so I have over 10 years in a primary position. I feel that I have completed the three-year requirement. Can I get the nine years of…

Q. I am a civilian federal firefighter. I bought back four years and one month of active-duty military time (also as a firefighter) into FERS. I will have 25 years total (four military and 21 civilian) when I am 48 years old. Can I retire at that time since firefighters can retire at 25 years of service at any age, even though only 21 of those years are as a civilian firefighter? My active-duty time was as a firefighter also, USAF 3E751.

Q. I am a FERS retired firefighter and wanted to know if and how the post-retirement earning test applies. At age 55, is my special retirement supplement dependent on how much I am making at that age? If so, once the supplement is lost, can you get it back if earnings drop prior to age 62?

Q. I just received my first interim annuity check from the Office of Personnel Management for my CSRS firefighter retirement. They did not provide me with the percentage of the full payment that they sent. The check was less than 60 percent of what I believe I should be receiving. What should I do if OPM sends me a check that they claim is 100 percent of what I will receive but is much less than what I believe I should receive? How will I know if OPM properly included special firefighter provisions?

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