Converting disability retirement to regular retirement


Q. I have completed 20 years of firefighter service covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System. I recently was medically disqualified for service due to a permanent medical condition. I am 48 years old — not old enough for voluntary retirement. I have applied for disability retirement. Can I change my disability retirement to a regular firefighter retirement once I reach 50? If not, when I turn 62 and my retirement is recalculated, will I get the 1.7 multiplier for the 20 years of fire service?

A. No, you can’t convert from disability retirement to regular retirement at age 50. And no, the enhanced multiplier won’t be used when your annuity is recalculated at age 62.


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  1. Re: Jan 25th post about FERS firefighter disability retirement and Reg Jones’ answer. Please see Springer v Adkins 525 F.3d 1363 (Fed Cir 2008) and opm BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION LETTER DATED JULY 7, 2010, NUMBER 10-105 – both available on web.

  2. This is not true for federal law enforcement which are also 6c.

    See United States Court of Appeals 99-3462, -3467
    Pitsker and Rodgers vs OPM

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