Being overinsured


Q. My father was recently involved in a motor-vehicle accident where a car hit him while he was riding his bicycle. He’s 72 and sustained major fractures to his ankle. During this time, my siblings and I realized that his insurance was so substantial, that we wondered if he was overinsured, possibly due a refund from his primary insurance carrier.

He has NALC insurance and Medicare Parts A and B. His Social Security is deposited directly into his checking account, so he hasn’t seen a statement in awhile, but he thinks he has insurance premiums deducted from his monthly deposit.

A. As a retiree, his insurance premiums are deducted from his annuity.

Even if he were overinsured, which isn’t a given, he isn’t entitled to a refund of any portion of the premiums he has already paid or any that he may pay in the future.


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