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Q. I am retired and on Social Security disability. I am 63 and now receiving regular pension since 62. I am covered by FERS BC/BS. I was under the impression that my coverage continued till age 65 when I retired in 2000. I will have to wait till 66 to retire under the new Social Security rules for retiring. Will the health coverage continue till age 66, or will it stop at 65, leaving me with no insurance since I can’t get Medicare till age 66 now? And how does one keep the coverage later?

A. First, a correction. The eligibility age for Medicare is still 65. Only the age at which someone becomes eligible for a Social Security benefit has changed.

Now on to your basic question. As long as you continue to have premiums deducted from your annuity, you will be able to continue your Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage for the rest of your life.


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