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Q. I am on a disability retirement and am 57 years old. I am blind (since age 7) and was denied Supplemental Security Income benefits because I do not have enough Social Security credits to qualify (of course I have enough for Medicare when I turn 65). I wanted SSI so I could join a Medicare HMO and receive primary care at home (I live in a group home). It seems since I paid into FERS and not SS, I fall through the cracks. Is there anything you can suggest?

A. Let me first clear up a misconception. The fact that you were a FERS employee means that you did pay into Social Security. The reason that you may not be eligible for SSI is that it is only available to people with low income and few resources. For more information about what is required to be eligible for SSI, go to www.ssa.gov/pubs/11015.html.


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