Workers' compensation and disability retirement


Q. I was injured on the job May 15. Due to injuries I sustained from a car accident in December, my doctors on June 7 deemed me indefinitely unable to return to work in the title that I’m employed in. My workers’ compensation case was accepted June 23. Can I apply for disability retirement for the car accident injury while out on workers’ compensation?

A. Yes, you can and should apply for disability retirement. Although workers’ compensation benefits are usually better than a disability retirement annuity — and you may only receive one of them — a disability annuity would be your fallback if your workers’ compensation benefits ended.


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  1. OWCP normally refuses to end any accepted case, even when evidence of fraud is provided for review. After all, they have no financial liability for fraud as they bill the employing agency the costs of the program. The USPS will not survive unless it withdraws from OWCP oversight where any accepted claim is tantamount to a 70% retirement offering. You have to actually work for 40 plus years to get 80% under CSRS.

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