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Q. I’m processing my retirement application for this year. In the Application for Immediate Retirement (Form 2801), Schedule A refers to military service information. I have post-1957 military service (1976 – three years, honorable discharge) and first employed by the federal government (1966 – three years) prior to Oct. 1, 1982.  I’ve read somewhere (and you also commented) that a deposit is not needed for these three years of service to be counted into my annuity computation. How do I answer Form 2801, Schedule A, 2, which asks if military service occurred after 1/1/1957 and if a deposit is made to the agency: Yes , No or Not Applicable. To assure me that this information is correct, is there an updated Office of Personnel Management reference, etc., that states a deposit is not needed and would assure me that these three years should count into my annuity computation?

A. Because you were first hired before Oct. 1, 1982, you’ll get credit for that active-duty service in determining your length of service and have it used in your annuity computation. However, if you retire before age 62 and are eligible for a Social Security benefit at age 62, those years will be deducted and your annuity recomputed without them. If you retire at or after age 62, the reduction in your annuity will occur on the day you retire. If you aren’t planning to make a deposit for that period of service, check No on the SF 2801. Note: For confirmation, go to and scroll to Part 22A5, Post-1957 Military Service.


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