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Q. I will be retiring from federal service Jan. 31, 2014. I am covered by FERS. I am 65 now and will be 66 when I retire. I enrolled in Medicare Part A during the time frame I was supposed to enroll (when I turned 65) and when I enrolled in Medicare part A, I declined Part B because I have health coverage (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) under the government program for such.

So at this time, my primary health coverage is Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare is the secondary. I have been told that after I retire, Medicare will become my primary health coverage and Blue Cross/Blue Shield will become my secondary. Do I then (after I retire) also need to enroll in Medicare Part B?

A. While you are working, your Federal Employees Health Benefits plan is primary and Medicare Part A secondary. When you retire, Medicare Part A will be primary and your FEHB plan secondary. It’s entirely up to you whether to enroll in Medicare Part B.


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  1. Be sure you read FEHB policies carefully. SOME plans pay 100% of covered expenses (after Medicare), IF you are enrolled in BOTH Medicare A and B. Also, it may be possible to get a REALLY cheap FEHB policy to cover you if you enroll in A&B. Be sure to check the prescription drug plan in each policy too. It may be much cheaper than enrolling in Part D. Good luck.

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