Discontinued service retirement


 Q. I was off work for several months because for surgery on my arm. When I came back to work, I was put in the same job that I had. The problem is, I work in a shop and, because of my limits, I am unable to do my job. My unit has no other jobs that are open for me to do, so I told them I would take a discontinued service retirement. This started several months ago because they are going for a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority. The problem I see is that I was never offered another job, even after telling them I can’t do my job. I showed my unit Form 1510. They still are going for the VERA.

A. To be eligible for discontinued service retirement, you would need two things. First, the age and service needed to qualify for a DSR. Second, your agency would have to give you a notice of separation and a specific date on which you would be released. Since that hasn’t happened, you’re stuck. In the meantime, you continue to receive your full salary and earn both sick and annual leave.


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