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Q. I have a drinking problem and now the U.S. Post Office has given me papers to suggest separation. I am 55 years old. I went ahead and put in retirement papers for next year. Can they fire me and cause me to lose my retirement benefits? What is the best way to handle this situation? I have 32 years in. And aren’t they supposed to offer me rehab for my addiction?

Q. I am 52 years old with 30 years of federal service under my belt. There is a possibility my agency will do away with my position. What are my options should this happen? I am not in a position that I can relocate to another area. Will I lose my FEHB if my position is abolished and I cannot find another federal job? Will I be eligible for immediate retirement even though I don’t meet the MRA requirement? FEHB is the only health insurance I have. My husband does not have a health insurance plan. Do I still qualify for…

Q. I am 52 years old with 28 years of service and am starting FERS disability retirement. The letter from OPM says that if I am found medically recovered I will be converted to a discontinued service retirement. I am eligible because a discontinued service retirement is age 50 with 20 years or 25 years at any age to qualify. If found medically recovered and converted to a discontinued service retirement with age 53/28 years of service would I also get the FERS special supplement?

Q. Could you please explain what the term “delinquency” refers to with regards to a discontinued service retirement? A. Delinquency is a term that includes, but is not limited to, failure to do what law or duty require, an offense or a misdemeanor, a debt or other financial obligation on which payment is overdue.

Q. I will be 52 and have 29 years of technician service (32 years National Guard) under FERS. If I was diagnosed with a medical condition that ended my military career, would I be eligible for the non-reduced pension/Social Security Offset/ and access to my TSP, since I have 25 years, I am age 50 and would be losing my military position through no fault of my own?

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