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Q. Recently, I contacted the Office of Personnel Management to get an official ruling on the “one-time check” at age 62. This check occurs when a CSRS retired person turns 62. OPM cannot provide in writing that this “one-time check” is official. In my case, I will not have 40 credits when I turn 62, so I will not qualify for Social Security. Because I will not qualify for Social Security, I do not expect to have my CSRS pension reduced. What if I become eligible (obtain 40 credits) sometime after I turn 62?

I would like to have something more official than an OPM employee telling me over the phone that he or she thinks it is a one-time check. Can you shed some light on this often misunderstood “one-time check”?

A. The “one-time check” is correct. You’ll find the official word on “Catch 62” at


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