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Q. I am a federal employee under CSRS. My service computation date is May 1, 1976. I have six years of active-duty service and do not qualify for Social Security, nor will I qualify when I plan to retire at age 62. I know at that time, since I don’t qualify for Social Security, no deposit is required to get credit for my military service and that my federal CSRS annuity will not be reduced.

Assume I retire at age 62 as described above not qualifying for Social Security. But, say, at age 63, I get a private-sector job after retiring from CSRS, and at age 64, I do qualify for Social Security. Will my CSRS annuity be reduced (adjusting for my military service) at the time I become eligible for Social Security? Or does that reduction only apply if you qualify for Social Security prior to CSRS retirement?

A. The Office of Personnel Management only checks once. At age 62 if you are retired, or when you retire if it’s after age 62.


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