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Q. I served on active duty in the Marine Corps for 16 years and seven months. I also have enough creditable Reserve time to have earned Reserve retirement upon my 60th birthday in five years. I have worked for the Army Corps of Engineers for more than eight years now and was recently awarded my pin for 25 years of federal service. The date on my 25-year certificate is Feb. 22, 2013, and my service computation date for leave is July 30, 1987. My pay entry base date for the Marine Corps is Sept. 22, 1977. My active duty base date is Oct. 24, 1977, and my effective retirement date from the Marine Corps is Jan. 1, 2006. Is there a formula somewhere that would decipher all of this?

A. As you have noted, your 25-year pin was based on your receiving credit for your actual FERS service and your active-duty service in determining your leave accrual category. They cannot be used in determining your eligibility to retire or in the computation of your annuity unless you make a deposit to the civilian retirement system. If you do, it won’t have any effect on your entitlement to reserve retired pay.


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