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Q. I am a GS-15 in the Department of the Air Force in San Antonio. My parent office in D.C. is relocating all field representatives (there are nine of us) back to the National Capital Region. I am 57½ years old and have more than 13 years of service. I know I am always eligible for MRA + 10 retirement, but do I have other options? If I can retire and not lose the 5 percent per year, I would seriously consider this. There is also a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority window still open to me, I believe.

A. Unfortunately, if you don’t relocate, your only options are to find another job in the D.C. area or retire under the MRA+10 provision. Because you don’t have at least 20 years of service, you aren’t eligible for a VERA.


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  1. I am a GS-14 working at a NCR office of a regional combatant command. I was told I would be moved to Gernamy under the MDR. I have 9 years federal service. Do I have any options since I do not plan to take the realigned assignment to germany. Can I be placed in the PPP once I decline the move?

    • Your question falls outside the boundaries of this forum. Since your question and this response will be posted on the website, let’s hope that someone else will know the answer.

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