Q. I am a law enforcement employee with the federal Bureau of Prisons. I joined the BOP on Nov. 26, 1995. Prior to that, I served in the Army on active duty for 11 years, with a two-year break in service.

First term in the Army was Feb. 8, 1983, to May 2, 1988 – Honorable Discharge.

Second term in the Army was April 30, 1990, to Dec. 28, 1995 – Honorable Discharge.

I was on terminal leave while I joined the BOP, so for one month I was double dipping, so to speak.

Would I be eligible for CSRS, since my service computation date for leave is Jan. 8, 1985, or am I stuck with the FERS system? I am in the process of buying back my military time, if that matters.

A. You are most definitely covered by FERS because you were first hired as a civilian federal employee on or after Jan. 1, 1987.


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