Medicare refund?


Q. I began work for the Department of Agriculture in April 1957, and continued until Oct. 24, 1957, when I was drafted into the Army. I was honorably discharged Oct. 23, 1959, and returned to work for the USDA, where I continued to work until I retired Oct. 31, 2006. During my tenure with the USDA, I was covered under CSRS.

I have spoken to several federal employees about my retirement. Since I retired with more than 41 years and nine months under CSRS but continued to pay my Medicare until my retirement date of Oct. 31, 2006, they told me that I was entitled to a refund for these payments.

A. You won’t receive a refund of any contribution you made to Medicare while receiving income from wages or self-employment. However, any CSRS employee who has retirement contributions deducted from his salary after completing 41 years and 10 months of service will have those excess contributions returned to him.


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