Social Security and FEHB with FERS annuity


Q. I will be 70 years old in October 2015. I understand if I wait to collect Social Security benefits until that time, my monthly benefit will approximate $3,030. As of August 2010, I started working for the federal government as a GS-13. I plan on retiring under FERS in September 2015, at which time I will have completed 60 months of continuous civilian service. I understand that my monthly FERS annuity will approximate $500. Is there any offset to either Social Security or FERS monthly annuity benefits based on receiving both of these benefits simultaneously?

Assuming continuation of excellent health, I will likely also have additional income at that time. Should I anticipate restrictions on the amount of active or passive additional income that I can earn or any offset to either social security or FERS annuity?

A second question involves health benefits after retirement. I understand that after completing 60 months of civilian service, I can retain current Blue Cross/Blue Shield health benefits with the exception that I must pay both the employee and employer premiums myself. The real benefit is having access to this coverage under group rate available to the government.

Where would I look to find comparative benefit information for Blue Cross/Blue Shield after retirement with those typical benefits through Medicare and those benefits through the Affordable Care Act?

A. You will receive both retirement benefits without any offset in either. And because you will have reached your full Social Security retirement age, you can earn as much as you want without it having any effect on your Social Security benefit.

Because you’ll have five continuous years of coverage in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program when you retire, you’ll be able to carry that coverage into retirement. And your premiums will remain the same as they are now, unless you are a Postal Service employee. Their premiums go up when the union-negotiated premium subsidy ends.


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